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Grass Fed Desiccated Beef Pancreas by Ancestral Supplements

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  • Proteins Exclusively Found And Expressed In Pancreas Tissue *
  • Pancreatic Enzymes Required To Break Down Fats (Lipase), Proteins (Protease, Trypsin) and Carbohydrates (Amylase) *
  • Colipase & Trypsin, Pancreatic Peptides Needed To Activate Proteolytic Enzymes *


  • Pancreas Health Based On "Like Supports Like" *
  • Digestive Health *
  • Nutrient Assimilation *

GRASS FED BEEF PANCREAS (like all of our products) is... 

  • Pasture Raised In New Zealand & Australia
  • Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished
  • Hormone, Pesticide & GMO Free
  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
  • 100% Freeze Dried 
  • Non-Defatted, Left As Organs Exist In Nature
  • Third Party Tested For Purity

To know more about the wise ways of our early ancestors, go to Ancestral Supplements (or) visit our page dedicated to all things Grass Fed Beef Pancreas-related.

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Barbara L.
United States United States

Perfect Replacement for RX Pancreatic Enzyme

I spoke with Corey at Ancestral Supplements previously and explained that my pancreas doesn't produce enough digestive enzyme and I'd been prescribed an incredibly expensive pill to take before each meal. I saw the Grass Fed Beef Pancreas online and compared the contents of it and the RX I was taking. Corey sent me a breakdown of the active parts and supplement dosages and it was the same thing! I discussed taking the beef pancreas with my GI doctor and he told me to try it, but make sure I have the RX as a backup. I have been using the grass fed beef pancreas before every meal since that last conversation. I am doing very well! I have had no problems with it at all, and have normalized beautifully! My GI doctor will be following up next month and I expect him to be very happy with the progress! Companies like yours really highlight how the big pharmaceutical companies are crassly gouging people who need this type of drug to survive! Please, don't ever go out of business, I can't afford to lose you!

Jon M.
United States United States

Digestive relief

I took a microbiome test and it showed my pancreatic enzymes were low. After trying digestive enzyme capsules, I switched to your dessicated Pancreas and it was night and day better. I'm grateful for your products.

Elizabeth P.
United States United States

Diabetes support

All type 1 diabetics should be taking this daily!

United States United States

Love your products!

I’m a 56 year old woman. I have been taking your supplements for a about three months and am feeling very positive results. I take 1 I have been taking your supplements for a while now and am feeling very positive results. I take 1 pancreas capsule a day, 6 blood, 6 beef ***** complex and 2 male enhancement (as people have been saying they’re good for women too). pancreas capsule a day, 6 blood, 6 beef ***** complex and 2 male enhancement (as people have been saying they’re good for women too). More energy and focus throughout the day.

Terri T.
United States United States

Beef Pancreas

I had no side effects and my AC1 dropped since I started taking pills

Raul T.
United States United States

Effective pancreatic enzyme support

Fantastic pancreatic support!

Jeff R.
United States United States


I bought this one because it’s seems a lot of people get cancer of the pancreas of late. Not sure how it supposed to make me feel. But I do have the live and beeed organs. The heart. I know they work.. don’t take them too close to bed, they keep u up and give you dreams.

Jolivette W.
United States United States

The Real Deal

I purchased the pancreas last month. After taking for two weeks I realized that I was exceeding the suggested amounts on the container by taking two pills per meal and roughly that is 6 per day. What I have noticed: Considerable fluid loss WITHOUT increased urine output increased bowel movements (after each meal) increased range of motion increased energy (vitality) noticed that my teeth felt stronger with less tooth sensitivity and looseness. This product is exceptional. Give your body what it needs to be better.

Debbie S.
United States United States

These Supplements Help Better than Anything Else

I have been searching to create optimal health and vitality for the last 20+ years. Ever since going through a full hysterectomy and surgically-induced menopause in my early 40s, I have continually had problems with energy and hormone disregulation. In the search for optimal health, I have relied heavily on nutritional supplements. To say I am a supplement junkie is an understatement. I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, I spend thousands. I think I have nearly every supplement known to man that will help with thyroid function, liver health, adrenal fatigue, weight control, immune system support, brain function, etc. It wasn’t until I started using ancestral supplements at the suggestion of an acupuncturist, that I actually began realizing a notable difference in my health. I started with the beef liver and bone marrow and have since tried the beef organs, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal, beef tallow, living collagen, wild caught fish eggs, placenta, trachea, blood vitality and thymus. My health is steadily improving, my blood sugar is under control, my weight has normalized, my hormone levels are optimal and I haven’t been sick in years. This stuff is the real deal.

Milica P.
Serbia Serbia

Best customer support ever

Just wanted to make notice that this company has the best customer support that every client would desire, as they give their best to make sure a customer is satisfied, than you can imagine what qualitiy their product is really like.. Keep up the good work and thank you for an amazing supplements, as my hair and skin have improved significally since started using the panceas bovine ;-)

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Health support

I work as a Homeopath using a bio energetic testing machine! This enables us to see where support is now specifically needed! I see a particular parasite which disturbs the Pancreatic function ! Whilst using Homeopathic drops made by the machine Ancestral Beef pancreas is a complete organic ***** support useful whilst the ***** heals ! It’s one of the best products I have used also Gluten , Dairy & Soya free .

Frances B.
United States United States

Lifetime Customer

Couldn’t be happier with the product! I ordered the pancreas and Corey offered to me a sample of spleen as he explained to me the benefits. I also love the dosing recommendations sent while I await the supplements. This is incredible customer service! You definitely have a lifetime customer here.

Bharat O.
Canada Canada

Love this

Since i started taking this, i am not hypoglycaemic and am able to eat till i am satisfied rather than over-eat

Ryan W.
United States United States

Helpful Enzymes

Has enabled me to digest bananas and eggs again. So happy, since I was born with a weak digestive ability. A must-have in today's world of enzyme depleted foods.

Han T.
Australia Australia

For digestion

I’m taking Beef Pancreas, Adrenal etc to improve overall digestion. 1 or 2 capsules with each meal. As your adrenal strengthens, digestion will be improved. Beef pancreas has the whole nutrients available to nourish my own pancreas. Recently I feel my digestion improved so I will keep taking all of them.

Sam M.
United States United States

Ol skool

These pancreas supplement have helped with my 14 year old dogs cloudy eyes along with Vit K and Milk **** thistle...They are CLEAR now....