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Grass Fed Thymus With Liver by Ancestral Supplements

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GRASS FED THYMUS (w/ Liver) contains...

  • Proteins Exclusively Found And Expressed In Thymus Tissue *
  • Unique Peptides Such As Thymosin — Tasked With The Development Of Disease-Fighting T Cells *
  • Thymopoietin And Serum Thymic Factor To Further Regulate & Support Immune Health *
  • Immunologically Active Proteins Shown To Stimulate Macrophages & Enhance Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity *

GRASS FED THYMUS (w/ Liver) supports... 

  • Optimal Thymus Health Based On "Like Supports Like" *
  • Immune System Health *
  • Allergy Health, Inflammatory Health & Energy Metabolism *

GRASS FED THYMUS (w/ Liver) is... 

  • Pasture Raised In New Zealand & Australia
  • Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished
  • Hormone, Pesticide & GMO Free
  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
  • 100% Freeze Dried 
  • Non-Defatted, Left As Organs/Glands Exist In Nature
  • Third Party Tested For Purity

    To know more about the wise ways of our early ancestors, go to Ancestral Supplements (or) visit our page dedicated to all things Grass Fed Thymus-related.

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    United States United States

    Loving Thymus

    My dog Chloe is doing excellent on one Thymus per day. The itching on her paws has dropped down to almost nothing. She’s calm as ever and much happier! Also, my breathing has improved overall by taking four Thymus a day. I now can take deep breaths where as before I never passed the breathing tests and I was always short winded.

    Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Thymus With Liver by Ancestral Supplements Review
    United States United States

    Thymus is working miracles!!!

    I suffer from seasonal allergies. It is horrible... they are relentless! I thank God that I supernaturally stumbled upon Ancestral Supplements a few years ago. I will forever be indebted to this company and their amazing LEADER, Brian. He has advised me every inch of the way concerning my many health concerns. When he suggested that I consider the Thymus supplement, I ordered it. Then it arrived!!! Exactly one hour after taking just three of the thymus supplements, my nose stopped running, my eyes stopped itching and watering and I stopped sneezing. Truly! I praise God for this supplement which stopped my pollen allergy DEAD in its tracks. I wanted to cry because I have tried EVERYTHING and I have suffered since I was 30. I am now 65. May the Lord prosper you one-hundred fold for your extraordinary concern for the well-being and health of ALL of your customers. Your compassion, your kindness, your generosity, and your knowledge of what it means to live the ancestral lifestyle where we thrive, not just survive, knows no bounds. Hugs!!! Elaine

    A Ancestral Supplements Customer
    Alicia R.
    United States United States

    Gave us hope

    I emailed the company and had the privilege of exchanging information with James. He was kind, thoughtful, and helpful in his response and recommendations for our situation. We took the advice given and started my husband on the thymus and colostrum and we are starting to see changes! I cannot thank you enough! We started slow with just two of each a day, but are up to four each this week and he is starting to have enough energy to even play a little bit with our boys. You have truly helped give us hope and some life back! My husband has had debilitating lyme and no matter what western or eastern medicine solutions we tried, we could not make head way. This is the only thing that has helped him start to feel like maybe he can get his life back and heal. We are now going to start adding in the beef spleen and beef lungs as well.

    Cathy R.
    United States United States

    Love these products

    I have used the kidney, liver, ***** and thymus supplements and they are all great products. My hair has gotten thicker and my skin has improved, and my eyes have improved in focusing and not feeling as tired. The thymus has been awesome during allergy season. My sinus has never been so clear. I highly recommend this helpful and sincere company and their high quality products.

    United States United States

    So Grateful

    I am loving the Thymus and it has made a big difference in my immune system. My eyelids are no longer swollen and itchy and I am no longer reactive to certain foods. I love wine and even the purest biodynamic wine would give me a tension headache if I had two glasses. Now I get way less tension headaches and can drink wine knowing I won't wake up with a headache the next day :) I believe it has also helped my husband's immune system as well. Now, trying to convince my dad and brother to get a bottle to try. Thank you guys for your wonderful company. I've never felt more passionate about any other product. I think my family may be sick of hearing me talk about it :).

    ronald e.
    United States United States

    Just wanting to feel better at 50.

    If you need to feel better this is where you need to look. This is the key to my nutrition. My wife is on the program too. These supplements are the stop gap to helping you get the things we need when we can't get it in our food. I take many of their supplements. Liver King is on to it. Find a new way starting here! You won't regret it!

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Speedy Relief of Cold

    My mother has started taking the Ancestral Supplements Thymus and believes it helped cured her of a cold (not covid) more quickly than usual... Her colds usually last 3 weeks!

    Michaela E.
    United States United States


    I emailed AS asking for help with eczema, hair loss and more. I was guided to purchase Kidney, Thymus and Bone & Marrow. I also had been taking beef liver first and loved it. Hands down the thymus and kidney saved me. I was losing feeling in my legs and having what seems to be blood pooling issues leading to a heavy feeling in my legs and a super itchy rash. I went to a dermatologist and he told me nothing and prescribed meds. I bought the thymus and kidney and started slow, however the healing started when I took higher doses of both. My rash is healing!!! I noticed significant improvement in my skin, hair and nails. The best part was I felt literally brand new. I didn’t have allergies to foods and pollen anymore. My digestion improves daily and my legs feel less swollen and my face slimmed down ! It seemed my whole body lost water weight. My joints and teeth stopped hurting as well. I can’t thank you guys enough. This company goes above and beyond. I just ran out and wish I could reorder but funds won’t allow at the moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    ivonne f.
    United States United States

    Thymus product on Hashimoto’s

    I decided to try the thymus product for my allergies and also read in description that it may also help with immunity. My EOS absolute market in lab work has been high for years, up to a 9 at one point. Now it’s down to a 3! Well within normal range. I've been taking the thymus product for several months and I've also seen decreases in my Hashimoto's antibodies. One of them in in normal range and the other one is in the teens so that's great! I wasn’t expecting that so I’m so glad to have tried this product! I’m looking forward to now trying their thyroid product.

    Gabriela C.
    United States United States

    Amazing products

    I love all your products But me and my family use every day thymus for us works wonder keep our inmune system perfect

    Margaret B.
    United States United States

    On My Second Month Taking Thymus

    Good evening, I originally purchased Ancestral Supplements, Grassfed Thymus to provide relief to my allergies. Yes, they have improved. My nose is not as congested. In addition to my allergies improving, my energy level is awesome. I feel awake. I was drinking (3) cups of coffee a day. At this very moment, I don't think I need one cup. Perhaps we can also coin this supplement as the Fountain of Youth.

    United States United States

    So Grateful!

    I continue religiously to take my daily food supplements. I planned on ordering thymus again as we are now in allergy season here in PA; however, I have not had any issues to date. WOOHOO! I am thinking it may be my consistency with my ancestral supplements. So perhaps I can pass on thymus this time around. I am amazed as I suffer horribly with seasonal allergies, but I am GOOOOOOD unbelievably GOOD!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Ancestral Supplements and the tribe!

    Dillon B.
    United States United States


    This product seems to be very beneficial and it helps with alot f different things. I take it with liver and bone marrow so I'm not sure which one helps the most but it has promoted more saliva and adds almost like a clear mucus to the throat which helps for dry conditions such as winter environments. My first bottle had a bunch of capsuls busted but that's expected for and company. I let them know and they instantly sent me another bottle. Very responsive I would pay just for the customer service alone. For me it has been exceptional. Keep it up!

    Rita R.
    United States United States

    No more barometer!

    I purchased the Thymus, mostly for my daughter. She has allergy issues (dust, cats, cleaning products and other perfume/smelly products…even walking down an aisle with candles and such in a store, some foods and outdoor plants, and storms) that, at times, left her in bed with a pounding headache…mostly from the storms or plants. She has lived with a low grade headache most of the time for several years. We have tried other things over the years, to include other supplements. My daughter has been a walking barometer when rain/thunderstorms are coming in. She would always get a sinus headache and the pressure would be almost unbearable. Your Thymus is the only one that has ever gotten rid of the headache for her! In her own words, ‘This is SO MUCH BETTER!!!’ It has taken a bit for her to figure out the right amounts and spacing of them, but even if she starts getting a sinus headache, she just takes more Thymus and it goes away in a very short time. I can’t even begin to say how thrilled I am to find my daughter up and about…before, during, and after rain/thunderstorms! She is a strong person and can handle a lot, but your Thymus has made life infinitely better for her and all of us with just seeing the change it has brought! Thank you so very much!!! Oh, and just FYI…it works for an older cat with allergies too! He also would get miserable with storms and rub his eyes until red rimmed and sore. We tried a one half capsule of the Thymus for him as well. The difference is wonderful! So, again, THANK YOU!!!

    Robert S.
    United States United States

    Great supplements!

    Thymus has been a great addition to my eating lifestyle . I already use the kidney , lung and heart supplements., but I had an allergy flare up an contacted Brian for some advice. He suggested I try the Thymus to help with my allergy challenge . Not only did Brian give me great advice …He offered to send me a free bottle of Thymus! I’ve been using the Thymus combined with the Heart for about a month and it has not only contolled my flare up but it is gone completely ! Love these supplements ! I cut down on the amount of red meat in my eating lifestyle , but these supplements allow me to get the nutrients you would normally get from red meat without being hard on my digestive system. Great company and outstanding leadership ! I will continue to purchase products from this company as long as they are in business .

    A Ancestral Supplements Customer
    Rev M.
    United States United States

    Amazing stuff

    This stuff , with excercise is incredible: for strength!!! Seems to tighten my muscles and give me faster weight loss around my belly