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Grass Fed Intestines w/ Tripe (Stomach) by Ancestral Supplements

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GRASS FED INTESTINES w/ Tripe (Stomach) contains...

  • Healthy Gut Building Blocks... Gut Specific Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes & Cofactors
  • Molecular Biodirectors — DNA Blueprints To Build and Repair Healthy Tissue
  • Collagen / Gelatin, Glutamine, Animal Derived Probiotics 
  • Vitamin B12, Choline, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese & Phosphorus 

GRASS FED INTESTINES w/ Tripe (Stomach) supports... 

  • Optimal Gut Health Based On "Like Supports Like" *
  • Leaky Gut, Digestive Issues, Gut Related Conditions *
  • Vitality, Energy & Thyroid Health * (high in B12 and selenium)

GRASS FED INTESTINES w/ Tripe (Stomach) is... 

  • Pasture Raised In New Zealand & Australia
  • Grass-fed & Grass-Finished
  • Hormone, Pesticide & GMO Free
  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
  • 100% Freeze Dried 
  • Non-Defatted, Left As Organs Exist In Nature
  • Third Party Tested For Purity

To know more about the wise ways of our early ancestors, go to Ancestral Supplements (or) visit our page dedicated to all things Grass Fed Intestines w/ Tripe-related.

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Robert B.
United States United States

Wow, this is really helping…finally!

Wow I must say I’m very impressed. This supplement is helping my digestion tremendously as well as giving me a sense of calm and peace. It’s pretty awesome and I’m only at 2 per day. I’ve had digestive issues including SIBO for a long long time and I’m feeling better every day since taking this. I just wanna thank you so much for helping me, offering this product and not giving up on me. You have a customer for life.

Neil B.
Canada Canada

A Great Gut Builder

My experience with these intestines have been phenomenal. Better gut health, good overall energy levels, and my absorption/muscle building seems to have already started to improve just a few weeks in. Everything from the amazing company has been a godsend.

United States United States

Extremely helpful in easing digestive issues

Helped my bloating and indigestion

Gary l.
United States United States


I love the ancestral supplements I take the intestinal w tripe I was suppose to get surgery for diverticulitis about a year and a half ago until I discovered ancestral products I did a lot of research and tried a lot of different things and this product is the best I have not had a flare up in over a year and I believe with this supplement and change in diet cutting out as much sugar as possible has healed me I use to get flare ups every 3 months and like I said it’s been over a year you have nothing to lose with these products and my wife takes the beef lung for her issues and she feels a lot better also .so I would recommend to everyone it should and will be life changing ...and the owner of this company reaches out to his customers also which is pretty cool

United States United States


Been taking the intestines for a while now only taken three capsules per day seems to me working well for me thank you Brian for all that you do much appreciated.

Linda R.
United States United States

Can't Live Without

I actually use several Ancestral Supplements, but the Intestines w/Tripe I can't do without. I have a couple autoimmune issues along with some severe allergies. I wouldn't wish my diet on anyone. Because my diet is pretty restrictive the product has helped my digestive system function properly on a daily basis. This product is well worth it. Give it a month to let your body adjust. I felt the difference in a couple weeks. These are all natural products - simply food for your body. Try to eat chemical free food and this product will work even better. Try it out.

United States United States

All good things come from above!

I have attempted several times in detail to submit this lengthy review. However, to no avail with computer issues, so I will just say this. After over thirty years of pain and discomfort with stomach and digestive issues and a recent surgery. Your products have been an answered to many prayers. So I just want to say THANK YOU for what you have done for so many others like me. All good things come from above. I thank God for your talent, vision, product, etc...They have given me comfort and apart of my life back.

, E.
United States United States

I love your supplements

It’s only been 5 months but I believe your products are helping me, I’ve lost weight and now they’re saying I don’t have fatty liver disease but they have to do some image testing to be sure so I will keep you posted my high cholesterol is down also which is great and I have 10 more pounds to lose to reach my goal ( I’ve lost 40 pounds )now I’m not perfect I don’t follow a strict diet I just try to eat healthy and sometimes occasionally we have junk food but that’s if we have to because I don’t like to eat it it makes me sick and I don’t eat food with a lot of chemicals. I ate real butter and real meat and eggs I’m very much into natural healing and I believe in your supplements. My skin issues have improved, my sleep and having spinal stenosis I am able to stand straight and walk around a bit , I’m still in pain but not like before and some days are better then others . I take the trachea , bone marrow, organs, lung, fish eggs , minerals I just started and intestines. My issues are Fibromyalgia IBS Spinal stenosis Degenerative disc disease Carpal tunnel

United States United States

Love this!

I have taken this along with trachea and gallbladder-sometimes individually, sometimes together...overall improved bowel movements! I give gallbladder to my hubby who has bowel trouble and this helps him digest his food and go regularly (sorry if TMI!)

Raquel G.
Canada Canada

Excellent Supplement!

Too soon to tell since I just started taking this. But as a sensitive individual, I'm not reacting to this negatively. Quality is excellent!

samantha r.
United States United States

Give It Time +BONUS TIP

Healing is not an overnight event. While relief may initially be felt in some cases, for many of us with chronic symptoms and conditions that took years if not a lifetime to manifest, the true magic happens over time. At least wait a few weeks to see a difference. For me, I've noticed relief in the form of less bloating and a stronger, tighter stomach that isn't blowing up like a balloon even after drinking water (that's how severe my IBS and inflammation is). That 'iron stomach' is starting to pop up, allowing me to eat out occasionally and not react negatively to the food I eat. One tip I'd like to give is taking this between meals, preferably on an empty stomach. In the past I always took intestines with some food and now experience more noticeable effects when I take some water or tea with the capsules.

Australia Australia

The beginning - very hopeful

Have finally received my Grass Fed Intestines w/ Tripe (Stomach) Ancestral Supplement. Lots of detailed instructions to follow; looking forward to feeling so much better over the coming weeks and months.

Bonnie F.
United States United States

My tummy loves these!

My digestion has improved dramatically, muscles are finally not becoming more and more atrophied (Which was unexpected!) Even though I exercise and eat well, I was struggling with muscle loss. I am so happy I found these Ancestral Supplements and the company is awesome! I will be staying on autoship!!!!!

John F.
United States United States

Better digestion

I take intestine with Gallbladder, it helps alot with digesting whatever I'm eating. I had to take it for a week to notice the results. I'm also hooked on the other supplements brain, helps wake me up in the morning. Trachea, collagen, Bone marrow for my joints

Kari P.
United States United States

Liver, Bone Marrow, Tallow, Tripe

Definitely feel a difference!

Barbara H.
United States United States

Excellent product

Ancestral Supplements have been a mainstay in my eating and healing pattern for quite a while now. The Intestines supplement has been truly helpful in promoting and supporting my gut health, ravaged by a food pyramid that may be health-giving for some, though not for me. How thankful I am for these healing supplements, which are real food without additives from the lab. While medicine has an important role in regaining health in many circumstances, I seek always to avoid these additions in my supplements when possible. Thanks to Ancestral Supplements, that’s possible! So thankful that these are “just food”...though not just any food. I will continue to purchase and enjoy their benefits as I regain my health, along with a spring in my step!