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Now Hiring True Believers > $70K-$100K+

I believe that every man, woman and child has the right to be strong, healthy and happy (autoimmune-free, eczema-free, allergy-free, fatigue-free and so on)... to live life with robust energy and biological resilience... to go from a mere existence in life, to discovering that which makes life worth living. 

When my boys were tiny, they didn't thrive... they were allergic to everything... modern day doctors couldn't help so I set out on a journey and discovered ancestral living (things like nose-to-tail foods that our DNA evolved with, the things that our DNA still expects today to heal and be healthy). My boys haven't been back to a doctor's office the greater part of a decade and they're the strongest, healthiest and happiest boys you'll ever set your eyes on. I believe that Ancestral Living is the path to health and healing... I just so happen to sell nose-to-tail supplements like bone marrow, liver and other organ meats in a simple, convenient gelatin capsule... (wanna buy one)?

Our mission is "putting back in, what the modern world has left out (to return people back to strength, health and happiness)." Because fortunately, our potential for strength and health remains encoded in our DNA, and under certain conditions, we can genetically express a far greater version of ourselves; it's called epigenetics. Those "certain conditions" almost always have to do with nutrition.

I'm on the hunt for "true believers" that believe in the same ancestral philosophies as we do. I'm looking for true believers that want to make their greatest contribution in the world...  I'm looking for true believers that are obsessed with health and fitness, ancestral living and helping thy fellow Sapien... I'm looking for true believers that are after meaning, purpose and passion. 

If you're after a paycheck, this isn't for you. If you're after a chance to make a dent in the world... to become part of a tribe that supports, protects and nurtures one another... to be part of a principle-centered mission driven to make a difference, this might be for you.

  • Role: Product Expert, DTC

  • Responsibility: To take amazing care of all customers... to handle emails and phone calls, in a systematic forward planning system.

  • Results: We measure success based on how we're doing in the eyes of our customers. We have a prospectively defined, quantifiable monthly goal that is 100% contingent upon our ability to affect the lives of our customers. To be continued...

  • Requirements: True believer in our mission... true believer in me... true believer in our tribe. Proficient writer and ability to connect with people. Must relocate to Houston, TX area... this is non-negotiable

Interested... read our entire "About Us" page and reconcile your own beliefs with ours. If there's alignment... if this sounds like it could be right for you, send an email to If your email is weak, we probably won't respond. If your email is robust, personal and conveys a message of "why" and "how" you're a true believer, we've been waiting for you... what took you so long!


Can't wait to hear from you!



Just in case you were wondering... TedTalk expert Lissa Rankin, M.D., a former OB/GYN and current mind-body medicine physician, quit her 9 to 5 gig to figure out why some people healed from “incurable” diagnoses and others didn’t. She scoured the evidence and she detailed her findings in her New York Times Bestseller Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. The gist of her findings is that, while diet and exercise are important, laughter (tribal bonds), camaraderie (tribal bonds), a happy marriage (tribal bonds), and doing what you love (tribal purpose), are the main determinants of stellar health.


The main take away here is to join a tribe of true believers (or) create and lead your own.






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