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I believe that every man, woman and child has the right to be strong, healthy and happy (autoimmune-free, eczema-free, allergy-free, fatigue-free and so on)... to live life with robust energy and biological resilience... to go from a mere existence in life, to discovering that which makes life worth living. 

When my boys were tiny, they didn't thrive... they were allergic to everything... modern day doctors couldn't help so I set out on a journey and discovered ancestral living (things like nose-to-tail foods that our DNA evolved with, the things that our DNA still expects today to heal and be healthy). My boys haven't been back to a doctor's office the greater part of a decade and they're the strongest, healthiest and happiest boys you'll ever set your eyes on. I believe that Ancestral Living is the path to health and healing... I just so happen to sell nose-to-tail supplements like bone marrow, liver and other organ meats in a simple, convenient gelatin capsule... (wanna buy one)?

Our mission is "putting back in, what the modern world has left out (to return people back to strength, health and happiness)." Because fortunately, our potential for strength and health remains encoded in our DNA, and under certain conditions, we can genetically express a far greater version of ourselves; it's called epigenetics. Those "certain conditions" almost always have to do with nutrition.

I'm on the hunt for "true believers" that believe in the same ancestral philosophies as we do. I'm looking for true believers that want to make their greatest contribution in the world...  I'm looking for true believers that are obsessed with health and fitness, ancestral living and helping thy fellow Sapien... I'm looking for true believers that are after meaning, purpose and passion. 

If you're after a paycheck, this isn't for you. If you're after a chance to make a dent in the world... to become part of a tribe that supports, protects and nurtures one another... to be part of a principle-centered mission driven to make a difference, this might be for you.

Role: Executive Assistant


  • Supply chain

  • Data entry

  • Proofreading

  • Tribe trip planning and logistics

  • Inner circle trip planning and logistics

  • Lots and lots of odds and ends

Results: We measure success based on how we're doing in the eyes of our customers. We have a prospectively defined, quantifiable monthly goal that is 100% contingent upon our ability to affect the lives of our customers. To be continued...

Requirements: True believer in our mission... true believer in me... true believer in our tribe. Proficient writer and ability to connect with people. Must relocate to Houston, TX area... this is non-negotiable. If you can't live here forever, we'll put a 2-year plan in place to get you back home.

Interested... read our entire "About Us" page and reconcile your own beliefs with ours. If there's alignment... if this sounds like it could be right for you, send an email by going to our "Contact Us" page. If your email is weak, I probably won't respond. If your email is robust, personal and conveys a message of "why" and "how" you're a true believer, we've been waiting for you... what took you so long!

Can't wait to hear from you!


Just in case you were wondering... TedTalk expert Lissa Rankin, M.D., a former OB/GYN and current mind-body medicine physician, quit her 9 to 5 gig to figure out why some people healed from “incurable” diagnoses and others didn’t. She scoured the evidence and she detailed her findings in her New York Times Bestseller Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. The gist of her findings is that, while diet and exercise are important, laughter (tribal bonds), camaraderie (tribal bonds), a happy marriage (tribal bonds), and doing what you love (tribal purpose), are the main determinants of stellar health.

The main take away here is to join a tribe of true believers (or) create and lead your own.





-Uber Organized
-You live in the grey......Out of the Box thinking is your middle name
-You are cheap with my money
-You know travel sites like the back of your hand
- You have the memory of an Elephant
-You can do expense reports in your sleep
-You are the type of person that gets your work done WAY before schedule just because you can
-NO CLOCK WATCHERS - 5 minutes early and 5 minutes late is typical for you (I HATE CLOCK WATCHERS!!!!!!!!!)
-You can deal with a real pain in the ass for a boss, who is always busy, bad at communicating, and does not give much direction
-You are not afraid to give me S-H-$-T for being bad at communicating and for not giving direction so that you can get your work done
-You like a mix mash of work anywhere from managing the T1's getting piggybacked in my office on the East Coast to bringing my dog in to get neutered
- You must be able to lift a box weighing 30 lbs over your head
-You know a little about a lot 
- You are pretty good with computers
- You hate a mess
- You are known as "Cool Under Pressure" by your friends
- You are a fast worker who makes minimal mistakes 
- You are an amazing scheduler with a sickening degree of attention to detail 
- You have at least 1-2 years of EA/Office Management Experience
- You are an awesome juggler of tasks 
- You are an animal at project management 
- You like to work your ass off
-You don’t care that I have a slight potty mouth

This is a full time position 40 hours plus per week, plus full limited benefits (2 weeks paid vacation, 401k and more). Send me a resume and cover letter in pdf format. In your cover letter tell me four things:

1. Why are you such a badass
2. Describe the last 3 bosses you had and why you loved and hated working for them 
3. Tell me your ideal situation 
4. Tell me about the first job you ever had, what you did, how long you had the job.


Now comes the fun part - weeding through resumes. I have set myself up for success. The key to a good EA first and foremost is attention to detail. If they don’t have this then they need to find a new career. In my ad you may recall that I make a request of the applicant:

“Send me a resume and cover letter in pdf format. In your cover letter tell me four things:

1. Why are you such a badass
2. Describe the last 3 bosses you had and why you loved and hated working for them 
3. Tell me your ideal situation 
4. Tell me about the first job you ever had, what you did, how long you had the job.”

This is an easy fail. If they don’t send me their resume and cover letter in pdf format and follow the instructions of answering my four questions in the cover letter, then I move on to the next applicant. I tend to do something like this for all of the positions for which I hire. Ask for a simple task that requires attention to detail and the ability to follow direction. Note, I usually don’t do this for sales positions, but that is a story for another time.

I then read their results. Frequently they will rag on an old boss or be unprofessional because they are trying to tone-match the casualness of my ad. This is a red flag. I appear to let my guard down on purpose in the ad to try to get them comfortable with being themselves. Many candidates shoot themselves in the foot at this stage. If they are not a good fit, it shows once they are comfortable being themselves. Again I am trying to get past the honeymoon stage where people fake the funk and get them to be themselves. Only I am not doing this once they are hired, I am doing it at the pre-interview stage.

If they pass the first test, I then send them the next email which lets them know what the process is going to look like. It also asks them if they would like to participate in the process. That email goes something like this:

“Hi (name of applicant),

Thank you for your application. Our interview process will be as follows:

1.Application – You passed.

2.Project 1 – Pass or Fail. If you pass, we will have a phone interview.

3.Phone Interview – Pass or Fail. If we think we might be a fit, we invite you to participate in Project 2.

4.Project 2 – Pass or Fail. If you pass, you will be invited to come in for an interview. If we like you and you like us, we move on to the next step.

5.One week trial and Project 3 – This gives us an opportunity to see if we really are a true fit. If we are, then we will offer you a job. This is paid at $20 per hour 1099.

If you are still interested please let me know and I will email you Project 1.”

If the person accepts, we then proceed to Project 1. This is one of my favorite filters. I have learned over the years that a common task that requires a lot of thoughtfulness and attention to detail is the process of booking flights for someone besides yourself. Book the wrong flight with the wrong airline, and I could have a triple legger to and from a third tier HUB sitting in middle seats for 18 hours across the country with three layovers. For just $100 more I could be on my favorite airline, get upgraded to first class and have a direct flight from San Francisco to New York in 5.5 hours. Big differences for the same trip. I have unfortunately learned this the hard way with bad hires. Consequently, I have since turned those bad experiences into a tool I use for hiring. For purposes of this article I call that Project 1. In Project 1 I send the applicant the following email:


Project 1

On one piece of paper in pdf format, please explain to me the process by which you would book a flight for me to go to New York to our office in Long Island. I would be leaving on June 1 and returning on June 7th, 2014. Please ask me any and all pertinent information you need to know on the one page that you turn in. If you could have this to me by no later than 8am tomorrow morning I would appreciate it.

Best of Luck,


PS- I am looking for your process, the outcome is less important. You should know a couple of things about me. I am impatient. I like efficiency with travel. I prefer mid-morning flights and do not like to get in too late if possible, but prefer to get in late over having to leave for the airport at 3 in the morning. I cannot sleep on planes. Good luck!”

The first thing I look for with Project 1 is did they turn in the project by the deadline. This shows me their propensity to meet deadlines, another extremely important measure of a great EA. If you look at the first sentence of the project, I give them another detail which is a strategic task:

On one piece of paper in pdf format…

This is very intentional. I am asking for them to turn in their project on ONE PIECE OF PAPER, not 2 , not 1.5, not 1 piece and 1 sentence on a second piece. This is again to see if they can follow direction. I then make sure that it was sent in PDF format again. Any format is fine, I choose PDF, because for some people that means they have to download a converter and actually be cognizant of the format. Again, small tasks.

If they pass these two tests, I actually look at the content of what they wrote. I am trying to discern their abilities and strategy. Do they ask me what seat I prefer, which airline I prefer, do I like direct flights, which airports I prefer to fly into and out of, what time of day do I want to travel, do I care if I fly coach or business, what is my budget, how do I intend to get to the airport, do I need a car service waiting for me or do I intend to get a rental car, etc., etc. Essentially all the things you would fill out when you go to a travel website. I look for spelling and grammar errors, business appropriate language, etc. I am really trying to figure out how thoughtful and detail-oriented the person is and if he or she asks the right questions.

If the applicant is up to snuff, we move onto the phone interview. I should note that for Project 1 I do not allow them to ask questions beforehand. They are instructed to ask their questions as part of the assignment that they turn in.

Phone Interview

The phone interview is really just your classic phone interview. I am looking to see if our personalities fit. Are they personable and assertive. This is your basic run-of-the-mill phone interview. I have had instances where they ace Project 1, but have no social skills. This does not work for me, personally, as I want someone who presents well when they represent me. Again this is just a light touch. If I think they are still in the running I move onto Project 2.

Project 2 – Turning Chaos into Order

In Project 2 I want to give them a real world scenario to see how they would handle it. I send them the following email:

“Dear (Applicant Name),

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone. I would like to invite you to participate in Project 2. Project 2 is as follows:

Imagine you show up to your first day of work. I hand you the following list: (write a list of projects you have pending that you need help on. Make this list as long as possible.)

Darius’ Pending Projects and Tasks:

-Get my seat fixed on my car

-Get updated insurance quote for Broderick Property

-Send $1000 to Jeff over paypal

-Do reimbursements for DS Capital

-Clean up calendar

-Schedule Dr. Smith appointment

-Take over weekly reporting for 15Five and

-Schedule meeting with Summer to go over MOU

-Schedule meeting with Natalie to discuss communications training

-Interview graphic designers for company gear

-Find T-shirt company and order pink unicorn T-shirts for staff

-Deposit checks

-Get reimbursement checks for partners

-Get 2013 tax info together for CPA

-Scout locations for teambuilding events

-Schedule time to work on Strengths Profiles

-Schedule to speak with Moss about Lync

-Schedule out the rest of Darius MLO testing

-Handle continuing Ed

-Organize Darius to go over employment contracts for Sales Teams

-Email Doug regarding TEDActive room reimbursement

On one piece of paper in pdf format, write down exactly how you plan to tackle this list. You have 48 hours to turn this Project in. You can email me any clarifying questions during the first 12 hours from when you receive this email.

Best of Luck, 

Darius Mirshahzadeh”

The first thing I look for with Project 2 is if they turn in the project by the deadline. The second thing that I look for is if they followed the directions. Turning in their project on one piece of paper in PDF format is important because it shows me if they are consistent in their ability to follow direction. This is yet another important trait in being a great EA.

Now I move onto the content. Again I am looking to see if they are asking the right questions, do they have an organized approach, is their strategy sound, how do they prioritize each project, do they prioritize anything at all. I am trying to wrap my head around how they think. It either matches what I am looking for or it does not. If they are still a fit we move on to the face-to-face interview.

Face to Face Interview-

This is a lot like the phone interview. Again I am trying to see if we are a match in the same space. Does the EA carry themselves well? Are they a cultural fit? This is going to be a fairly standard face-to-face interview and will reflect how your organization conducts these types of interviews. The two main things that I am looking for is consistency from the last 3 rounds of the interview, and are they a cultural fit.

If the candidate makes it past this part of the interview, we move onto Project 3. Project 3 is pretty simple. For Project 3 you bring in the candidate for a 3 to 5 day trial run. This is a paid contract job, and I pay them $20 per hour. This may differ depending on your position, experience needs, etc. During the 3 to 5 day trial run, you give them the list from Project 2 and you have them go to work. Now is a chance for you to see them put their thoughts into action and see if they can deliver in real life. If they live up to the hype that they presented in Project 1, 2 and 3, and carry themselves the same that they did in their previous two interviews, you more than likely have a keeper.

Congrats you should now be ready to hire a ROCK STAR EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT!

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